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Removing stone cladding removing spray or trowel applied textured coating repairs to damaged render Nationwide Service

Expert surveys, written reports and specifications providing you with the right solutions to recover the looks of your home

Removing Pebble Dash Restoration of Brick and Stone Properties.

Expert surveys written reports and specifications providing the right solutions to make your home look good again

Expert Wall Surveys Modern and Traditional Finishes Lime Render Lime Pointing

Expert Exterior Wall Surveys written reports and specifications providing you with the right solution to recover the looks of your home

Removing stone cladding that’s what we do. We are not an online portal for all sundry of trades. 

We are a company that specialises in Removing Stone Cladding, Removing Pebble Dash, Textured Coating Removal and  Full Wall Renovations after the Cladding-Render Removal stage

Modern & Traditional Renders, Re-Pointing  Brick Cladding Insulated or Standard Breathable Silicate & Lime Paints


Spot the stone cladded house……..Take a stroll down most city streets in the UK, cast your eyes on the facades and you will see some fairly unusual wall finishes. A few of the houses will stand out like “sore thumbs”. Some properties will blend into the background, luckily many homeowners resisted the temptation of a pebble dash or stone cladding makeover, managing  to retain their lovely brickwork

But some of the houses will be sporting some rather unusual designs on their facades: Stone cladding in crazy paving designs. Yellow coloured stone cladding with a fleck of pink here & there. Lower sections of walls may be cladded in yellow in imitation stone, sometimes the top sections have a textured stippled bark effect paint finish. Incorporating some inset features of cladding such as soldier courses above windows and castle-quoin work to divide off next doors.

Home Improvement trends: During the early 1980’s it wasn’t just the double glazing firms that were busy changing the looks of period houses. Taking out the old wooden sash windows and replacing them with aluminium units, (which have themselves now been replaced with PVC-u frames)

Out went the beautiful cast iron fire surrounds, the original cornices and ornate ceiling roses and in came the gas fires, artex and the polystyrene ceiling tiles.

Stone cladding firms sprung up all over the place

Encouraged by persuasive direct-sales people, many homeowners unwittingly bought into the idea of covering up perfectly good brickwork. Believing that in a few days’ time they would be transforming their Edwardian mid terrace house into their very own honey-coloured Cotswold cottage.

Of course, fashion and vogues change with time and home improvements are no exception to this rule. The current must-have home improvement trends such as anthracite coloured PVC-u windows, Bi-folding doors, resin driveways, will all be history in a few years time. In the current exterior wall improvement market, it’s in with the grey smooth render 

But what about the houses that have kept their original brick or stone facades? They will just keep getting better, ageing gracefully with time. With a little bit of re-pointing here and there, they will still look good for many more years to come, if looked after they should last the test of time,  that’s how they were built!

Get your cladding off: 

If you need help with removing stone cladding from your house and are looking at the options of what can be done to the walls once the cladding has been removed we are here to help

Badly fitted stone cladding, textured wall coating or defective pebble dash can not only look unattractive these type of finishes can damage old houses, they can trap and encourage damp.

If your current external wall finish is suspect of causing damp, or you have purchased or are thinking about buying a house that has been treated with an awful makeover of stone cladding, textured coating or render we are here to help.

Removing stone cladding render or pebbledash can be a difficult task, if taken off without care it can cause damage to the brick or stone wall underneath.

When the time finally comes to say goodbye to that stone cladding or pebble dash look you can rely on Back2Brick to provide a professional service from start to finish.

Before you or your builder get busy with the jackhammer, why not ask a wall specialist like Back2Brick to do a survey, that way you can obtain an expert report with written estimates for any appropriate restoration work.

Our Wall Renovation Services

Back2Brick Full exterior wall renovation service

Once the defective or unattractive material has been removed we can offer additional services such as acid cleaning for brick and stone. Lime render, lime pointing. Brick cladding and all types of modern renders with the option of lime and breathable external wall insulation.


For more information on textured wall coating removal visit our dedicated website TCR Click the image below

Textured Coatings: The aftermath

It’s not just stone cladding that can ruin houses. In the past, many homeowners have been promised a worthless ‘lifetime guarantee’ for the installation of a textured wall coating system. Often sold as a quick fix and an answer to damp problems. The installation of thick resin wall coatings usually makes damp matters worse. Particularly on old solid wall houses. These types of coatings AKA plastic,  spray or trowel applied coatings and paints can be up to twenty times thicker than normal masonry paint. Contrary to what some people are told they do not breathe. On period built solid walls, they can reduce vapour permeability and can stop moisture from inside the wall escaping. Thick textured coatings are also prone to cracking, allowing water to penetrate which can get trapped within the wall. Removing textured coating and the associated cement based primer coats can be a difficult task. Back2Brick can make the removal of textured coating possible. We are able to resurrect even the most battle-scarred of properties allowing them to breathe once more.